Ginger Snaps Smoke Facet Bar Bracelet

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Ginger Snaps Smoke Facet Bar Bracelet
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Ginger Snaps is the original interchangeable women's collection that features fashion snaps (button charms) that snap in and out of stylish bracelets, necklaces and rings. Ginger Snaps offers a unique mix & match collection of interchangeable gems so that you can create a look that is your own. Ginger Snap jewelry is made from rhodium-plated-base-metal. Tarnishing may naturally occur over time. Keep your Snaps looking their best by cleaning them with a dry polishing cloth. Do not use liquid jewelry cleaners. These products strip the plating on all plated jewelry and will cause permanent damage. We also encourage you to limit exposing your Snaps and accessories to water (bathing, hand-washing, etc.) and never wear them into a pool or spa. The snap will detach from the finding or base and can quickly be removed with your fingers or a Ginger Snap guitar pick tool. Simply place the tip of the pick between the Snap and the accessory, twist until the Snap pops free. Great gift idea for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Please note that standard size Ginger Snaps are not interchangeable with Petite Snaps.